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Easter Reflection

three crosses representing easter
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When we stop to think about Easter as a time for considering the spiritual significance of what happened, it is sometimes lost in favor of things that matter to the children. So, for example, there tends to be an interest in a more straightforward theme in our family.  Let me share my Easter reflection with a personal story.

Like Christmas, yet to a lesser degree, Easter was a time when a long-eared, furry figure would come along. Your attention must be drawn away from the proverbial chimney with its prominent round, robust figure immerging while dusting off the suet and carrying a huge bag to the less daunting, furry figure carrying decorative eggs.

Now, most children understand that such a figure as this furry little fellow is not as generous as that robust one dressed in a red suit. Still, nonetheless, their attention is wrought with eager anticipation that rivals the much bigger gift-bearing time.

In our household, the anticipation reached a fever pitch around 6:00 am. But, of course, this didn’t coincide with the parents’ willingness to exit a sound sleep to satisfy a group of over-eager voices that repeatedly chanted, “mommy & daddy, can we get up now”?

There are rules of engagement…the youngest goes first, then a progression according to age. Then fellow the squeals, the squabbles, and the cries…mom he won’t let me have…or she took my…but it’s when things become quiet, still, almost hushed that I as the father command……there better NOT be even one piece of candy eaten before breakfast…etc.

Suddenly very reluctantly, we begin to break away from the “fun,” and our attention begins to focus on the day’s importance. At this stage, mother takes charge and her instructions signal that there is no question about who is in charge. Breakfast is ready, and then we will get ready for Mass.


Children learn what they live, and love is the best teacher, so we want to teach them three truths first: God is love, Family, and Self-Respect. These are the principles of a well-rounded life filled with blessings from God.  At Easter and throughout the year.

-Patrick Shay, Racine Marian Center


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