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Saint Francis of Assisi

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St. Francis of Assisi, seemingly one of the best-known saints of the Church, is noted for starting the Franciscan order of men and women. Having the stigmata or wounds of Jesus in his hands, feet, and side. He is seldom pictured without wild animals such as deer, wolves, rabbits, and birds. Many of us pray to him for loved ones and pets as well as other intentions.

My wife and I have always had a deep faith in St. Francis and have three different statues of him in our backyard.

On the human side, St. Francis misunderstood Jesus when He gave the message to him to rebuild His Church. St. Francis thought He meant to rebuild the dilapidated Church he sat in, but Jesus meant the universal church.

Where I come from in La Crosse, WI the Franciscan order of nuns built the former St. Francis Hospital, were very active in schools and provided a 24-hour Perpetual Adoration Chapel in the convent for all who wished to visit and pray before Our Lord and Savior. I spent several visits there myself. It was truly a remarkable place where every single hour of the day at least two nuns and the public prayed.

Of all the great saints of the Church it seems as though St. Francis of Assisi is one who claims a great following, including Catholic’s and all Christians.

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