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The Role of Price at Our Religious Gift Shop

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Price is not always the only way of deciding what you’re getting for your hard-earned money. I encourage customers and friends of our religious gift shop to think about service.

We offer many services that large companies do not. Check these out:

  1. We will personalize gifts you purchase from us such as our popular music boxes, Communion gifts, Wedding, and Bridal Shower gifts, Confirmation, and Anniversary announcements and other occasions. We offer them at little or no additional cost to you.
  2. We also offer many free items that support or enhance gifts you may purchase.
  3. We offer personalized greeting cards, low-cost laminating services and group resources such as pamphlets, brochures, booklets, study guides for Bible Study DVD’s and much more. If you run a Bible Study class, we’re here to support you with all the services you need to help spread the Word of our Lord.
  4. Several customers have remarked that our prices are very reasonable and that we have a very well-rounded inventory. That’s because our goal is to provide customers like you with products that fit any need or budget.

We like to sweeten the deal too sometimes. So we often provide discounts to our loyal customers as a way to say thank you for shopping with us.

When it comes to our religious gift shop, there’s much more to think about besides price.

Thanks for considering us next time you shop for a religious gift, it means so much to Pat and I. God Bless.


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