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In the Image of the Carpenter

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People sometimes ask me why I write poetry.

There are times when an idea surfaces in my mind that triggers a poem or story.

Something can enter your thoughts and when you start to write it is like it is writing itself and I am just the instrument being used to put it on paper.

In almost all cases what I have written was never meant to be made public.

They are not great poems or literary works but rather common ordinary things. I also have thought that since we are all human beings much of what I write is natural occurrences that I just happen to write about with no true uniqueness.

Several of my poems are written from a Faith perspective. Like a prayer of sorts or a commitment to faith that needs clarifications or understanding on my part, or often a means by which I internalize.

I find it rewarding because I offer back to God those gifts He has freely given me. It is a blessing to use them for His honor and glory.

One poem I wrote back some time ago reflects this idea.


In the Image of the Carpenter


A Son…’tis but one

A tradesman is He

Who learned His trade

At His father’s knee


Skilled is He with the

Tools of His trade

Each with its purpose

A perfection of grade


To each person a challenge

Be ready to serve

To fulfill what is lacking

A tool held… in reserve


A tool for the making

With just the right twist

A soul for reshaping

That may even resist


In His toolbox I sit… ready

In faith, I will be

A tool for His use

Where ever…He needs me

                ©PATRICK M. SHAY

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