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A Child of God

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Certain occasions stir me to the core. In this case, someone I know had lost a child. Perhaps one of the most tragic things a human can experience. If you find yourself grieving, maybe my poem below will bring you a small amount of comfort as it did for my friend.

We believe children are sent from above to touch our lives in some meaningful way, making them a blessing from God. Yet sometimes they return to heaven all too soon. We find strength in this and are thankful for having the time we do have with precious ones.


A Child of God

I prayed for you this morn ‘n

To our God of love ~ above

My heart sent them skyward

On the wings of a golden dove


I asked the Lord to guide you

His angels there beside you

To rock you in their arms

‘N keep you from all harm 


Love surrounds you

With those you love around you

For a life so full of flare

Cannot help but make others care


A life so young, a gift of love

A child of God, sent from above

To bless the lives of those you touch

Each thanks the Lord so very much

 ~ For you ~

                                                PATRICK SHAY

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