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Thinking About the Question “What If”

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I think that all of us have a tendency at times to take a walk on the “What If” side of reality.

You rest on the porch, walk in the woods or just sit in the office when you should be working and your daydreams or imagination run wild.

I seldom sit down and plan to write something. And when I do write, I rarely think about who might read it with the exception of my wife.

If you write, have you ever had the experience where something comes to mind and you sit down and it seems as if the thought suddenly writes itself?

It seems as if it was meant to be written and you just happen to pick up on the idea as it passed leisurely riding on a flowing current. That is how the poems and stories I have written have begun.

I suppose I am open to vibes that have come to me during my fifty years of writing.  For example, when I was younger I saw an attractive woman walking down the street and it sparked these lines to a poem that I wrote.

“If he thinks of her upon the dawns new light

and looks upon a star of fleeing night

their heart entwine to travel a new day

hand ‘n hand to join along life’s way”

Thank you for reading my blog post. If you have thoughts or comments you’d like to share with me, please feel free to stop by the Racine Marian Center. Pat and I are here from 10am to 4pm Tuesday through Saturday. Or give us a call (262) 634-1208.


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