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A Story About My Rosary

holding my rosary
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My rosary is a term we often hear. Since the person talking uses the singular form of description, we may conclude that they have only one rosary.

However, I am not sure if I have ever met someone with just one rosary. Take my wife, Pat, for example. She has one or more rosaries in every room in our house. She will say let’s say the rosary and I say ok, I’ll get my rosary (I have at least four) and she says, “no need, we can use one of mine.” What she really means is “one of her many”!

Now I love the rosary and I say it every day, but I ask you, how many rosaries does one need to be able to say this beautiful prayer? The answer is highly personal.


According to Pat, the rosary is the most essential tool a Catholic can have. That explains why she has so many of them. Other folks I’ve met are satisfied with one.

Sometimes you just don’t know you’re going to need one. For instance, we used to take rosaries to people in the hospital because most of us never think of taking our rosaries with us. People were so thankful when we brought them one.

It makes running this store very gratifying. As proprietors of a religious gift shop, we have access to a wide range of beautiful rosaries, different colors, sizes, shapes and designs. We like to think we offer something for everyone.

One of our most enjoyable opportunities is meeting a child coming in for their first personal rosary. Someone may ask why it is such a special time for us, and my answer would be because this will be for them a lifelong friendship with Mary, the Mother of God, just as it has been and still is for us.


We encourage people “look to Mary,” and you will see an eager and loving mother with outstretched arms waiting to welcome you. Go to her and I can promise you there will never be any regrets.

  • Patrick Shay, Racine Marian Center

blue colored rosary in its box red rosary in its box gold colored rosary in its box

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2 thoughts on “A Story About My Rosary”

  1. It doesn’t seem to matter these days everywhere you look or where you are you find a very deep need for prayer. God has given us so many ways to find comfort and hope for our daily lives. You can find a most perfect gift of God’s love at Mass where we have the opportunity to celebrate God with us in His word, love and Eucharistic presence. There are countless ways that we can draw closer to God as Trinity of Father ~ Son ~ Holy Spirit. One very important way is to draw closer through faith in and in honoring Mary our Mother in faith. Think about it Mary was chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus, meaning Jesus chose His own mother and the Holy Spirit became Mary’s spouse. So you and I saying Mary’s prayer the Rosary is not only a way to honor her but also a way to honor God in the Trinity of Father ~ Son ~ and Holy Spirit. Pray the Rosary and say to Jesus through Mary “I surrender myself to You Lord Jesus, Thy will be done.”

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