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A Degree Of Confidence

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What does my poem, “A Degree of Confidence” mean? It asks the question, “Where does confidence come from?”

When a person is interested in a subject, their interest causes them to act in a way that helps them to better understand and further their desire to learn about the subject. As they gain knowledge and experience concerning that interest, their confidence as well as their experience with the subject becomes more familiar and thus more enjoyable.

This is the way education in your chosen subject grows as well. But often with learning comes a sense of power or control within that learning that is tempered by reality.

For example, if a student were to study human nature, or psychology, philosophy, religion and so on, their knowledge may give them a sense that what they learn is the whole picture.

If you apply a set of rules, or steps, or points etc., the solution will pop-up and you have learned how to deal with those who are your “patients” or “clients” etc. They fit nicely into those preconceived rules.

Now if those who are now graduating in their chosen field approach that field with the attitude above, they soon realize that the reality of what they will deal with is far different than what the textbook has so neatly laid out.



A Degree, ~ like confidence

Ignites the match

~ The lantern is lit ~

The shadows of the Pathway of Life

Give way to a bright, new future

Graced as it were

With that ~ youthful exuberance,

That opulence ~

Of yet another mind

In the expansion mode of

Unbounded ~ limitless vision

~ Triumphantly Proclaiming ~ 

The idealism yet untested

By the waters of reality

An’ thus held in check

By the floodgates of

~ Life’s Own Experiences ~

                     © PATRICK M. SHAY

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